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Romanian Ports Welfare Committee

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About Romanian Ports Welfare Committee

Romanian Ports Welfare Committee – national level – born on December 2003, once C.163 ratified by Romania and implemented on national legislation. The best offer for gamblers free pokies online. Come on. Increased chance of winning! This is a proposal of Romanian Seafarers Free Union coming from 1995-1996 when a lot of Romanian flag vessels, with Romanian crew, abandoned all over the world and many charity organization like Seamen’s Mission help them. The best roulette and poker on our site starburst slot. Go to and get big bonuses!

From this Committee take part Romanian Seafarers Free Union, Port Workers Union, Port Authorities, Agents, Welfare Organizations, International Transport Workers Federation.

Ports Welfare Committee establish general terms of Seamen’s Clubs activity in maritime ports, develop the strategy for welfare activity, lobbying for better support of welfare services to be applied to all seafarers, no matter of sex, nationality, religion, etc., nominate members of Welfare Board Committee. Don’t miss your chance to play on the site bonanza slot. You will be satisfied!

The best gaming offers in no deposit bonus casino our casino follow the link! Welfare services for seafarers on board and in ports is an important complementary union’ activity and is in a good cooperation with all national port actors and with international organization, like ITF and ISWAN.

From the beginning, Romanian Ports Welfare Committee:


Want to contact us? Just send us an e-Mail or call us at telephone +40 723 000-555 (for Constantza and Midia-Navodari) or +40 723 218-090 (for Agigea).

Welfare Committee:


#62, Traian Street, bl.K4, Ground Floor, 900716 Constantza – CT, Romania

+40 241 584-800


Romanian Port:

Port Welfare Committee Contact Details:

Constantza and Midia-Navodari:

Seamen’s Club Administrator: Valentin Dumitru (+40 723 000-555)


ITF Inspector: Adrian Mihălcioiu (+40 722 248-828)


Agigea (South-Constantza):

Life International Seafarers’ Center Administrator: Florin Gârbea (+40 723 218-090) or Anton Emanuel (+40 721 087-671)


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